August 31, 2022
5 Takeaways from this Year’s Pulse Conference premium
Just before Pulse, I shared my (slightly biased) opinion on why Pulse is the Best SaaS Event of the Year. And our time together at the Moscone Center proved that again ten times over. We laughed together. We suffered through far too many of my dad jokes and Taylor Swift references. We celebrated all the […]
August 5, 2022
5 Reasons Pulse Is the Best SaaS Event of the Year premium
Pulse is one of my favorite times of the year, and if you’ve attended one before, you know why. In addition to hearing from fantastic thought leaders, spending time networking with peers, and growing your career, the puppies, parties, and parody videos tie it all together. This year the theme of Pulse is “Together, We’re […]
October 6, 2021
SaaStr 2021 Presentation: Ten Things That Are Changing in Customer Success That Maybe You Should Be Doing, Too premium
Thanks, Jason Lemkin and the team at SaaStr, for having me as a speaker at this year’s festival-style Annual SaaStr Conference in San Mateo, California. I have presented at 100s of tech events and conferences over the years and nothing is more valuable than leaving a conference feeling like you are not alone. Jason & […]
May 13, 2020
Pulse Everywhere: 21,000 People Together At My Home premium
Look around you. What do you see? I see a guest bedroom. I see a desk crammed in the corner. I see a webcam. I see a screen that’s gotten pretty old. And occasionally, I see a kid come running in. That’s it. There are no colleagues around to brainstorm whenever I have an idea. […]
June 11, 2019
Top 10 Takeaways From Pulse 2019 premium
Pulse 2019 is over, but I’m still basking in the afterglow. Maybe it’s recency bias, but I truly believe it was our best Pulse ever and probably our best week ever as a company. If you were there, you know what I mean. If you missed it, I wanted to give you the top 10 […]
June 2, 2019
Pulse Is a Community, Not a Conference premium
Middle school. Whose idea was it to put 12 and 13-year-olds in a new school with new social structures and new challenges while they’re basically getting new bodies all at the same time? Did anyone like middle school? Okay, I know some people did. My wife for example—she’s been a beacon of happiness throughout her life. […]
April 17, 2019
Why Pulse 2019 Will Be Even Better Than Last Year premium
So this is crazy. Click here to read last year’s Pulse recap blog and scroll down to the bottom. I’ll wait! Welcome back! So we’re weeks away from Pulse 2019, and guess where I’m drafting this blog post? That’s right! The hospital. It turns out my yearly Pulse season calamity was another knee surgery. By the way, in […]
April 26, 2018
14 Things We Learned From 800 Survey Responses After Our 5,000 Person Event premium
Anyone that knows me knows that I’m obsessed with feedback. I’m that neurotic CEO that reads every Net Promoter Score (NPS) response (Promoter or not), responds to every Glassdoor post (good, bad, and ugly), and even engages on Twitter (speaking of ugly). Why? Partially, I do it because I believe Customer Experience (whether the “Customer” […]
January 19, 2016
Nick mentions touchpoints where you are most likely to turn a customer into an advocate. A few include: 1. Support Ticket – After a support ticket has been positively solved 2. NPS Score – After receiving NPS scores 3. Onboarding – During or after a customer’s onboarding process 4. Contract Signing – After a contract has been signed […]
December 17, 2015
[Video] B2B Big Data Challenges, Nick Mehta, Gainsight (Data Driven NYC / FirstMark Capital premium
  Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight, presented at FirstMark’s Data Driven NYC on December 14, 2015. Mehta discussed the challenges of using Big Data at B2B companies.
November 12, 2015
How B2B Can Avoid the Fate of the Music Industry premium
I’ve always been a crazy music fan (emphasis on crazy). When I’m at my desk at Gainsight (which these days is less often than my team would like) you could find me wired-in with Spotify. Although many can poke fun at my musical tastes, one thing is for sure, the ability to stream even the […]
August 26, 2015
[Video] Nick Mehta | Turn your Revenue Funnel into an Hourglass: Driving Growth through Customer Success premium
Customer Success, when done correctly, can be a major driver of growth. The fastest-growing subscription businesses have renewal rates far greater than 100%; they can grow multi-dimensionally (through new clients and through additional spend from existing clients). And the savviest vendors are using their Customer Success strategies in their sales process — by talking about […]