[VIDEO] 3 Things to Think About Customer Success Failures

Three things to keep in mind:

  1. All customers are not equal; each one is unique and has their own needs.
    1. Make sure what you are doing is aligned with your customer’s value
    2. Automate processes for the small clients, use a more personal touch for your larger companies.
  2. Make sure you’re just in time, not just to late.
    1. Monitor your clients to make sure you know about their health, usage and processes.
  3. Make sure you know the value your client gets from your product.
    1. Remembering your initial pitch can help you continue creating value
    2. Having an transperant relationship ensures that no risk events go unnoticed.


Nick Mehta

As a huge sports fan, Nick thinks of his job as being like that of a head coach. His role is to help bring the right people together on the team and put them in the best position to win for our customers, partners, employees and their families. He’s a big believer in the Golden Rule and we try to apply it as much as we can to bring more compassion to our interactions with others. And he talks way too fast and overuses the word awesome like it’s going out of style. Before coming to Gainsight, Nick was the CEO of awesome leading Software-as-a-Service E-Discovery provider LiveOffice through its acquisition by Symantec and prior to that was a Vice President at VERITAS Software and Symantec Corporation.