My Top 10 Mistakes in 10 Years: Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta premium
“I never make the same mistake twice. I make it 5 or 6 times, just to be sure.” – Random quote I found on the Internet If that doesn’t describe the CEO experience, I don’t know what does. In February 2023, I hit my 10 year anniversary (or “Gainaversary,” as we say) of running Gainsight. […]
April 22, 2021
So You’ve Raised a SaaS Mega Round: Now What? premium
By Nick Mehta – CEO, Gainsight [Special thanks to Ajay Agarwal at Bain Capital Ventures, Nakul Mandan from Audacious Ventures, Roger Lee from Battery Ventures, Jeff Lieberman from Insight Venture Partners and Byron Deeter from Bessemer Venture Partners for their feedback on this post] It’s an incredible time to be in SaaS. I don’t know […]
September 24, 2019
A Guide To Executive Sponsor Change premium
This is a blog about how to create a strategy for dealing with sponsor change. But because it’s me, I want to first talk a bit about quantum mechanics and causal determinism. Feel free to skip down for the business tactics, but if you’re interested, read on! Data, determinism, and demons In his 1814 Philosophical […]
The Right Financial Metric for Customer Success: Gross Retention or Net Retention? premium
“If you need more revenue, invest in Sales.” Why is that the default—some might say “kneejerk”—response to the basic question of how to make more money? One of the reasons Sales is such an obvious economic driver for companies is because its core Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is meaningful and well-defined: bookings. But for businesses […]
The Brief Moments In Time premium
Sad fact: Some of the most profound moments of my life have happened on United Airlines red eye flights. While I may have a love-hate (or rather hate-hate) relationship with the incessant yet “unexpected” flight delays, increasingly tiny legroom in Economy “Plus,” and “No-Go” in-flight WiFi, the sheer exhaustion of overnight flights forces my brain […]
May 20, 2017
Turning 40: Vulnerability and Vanilla Ice premium
Two weeks ago on Friday night at 8:15 PM, I pulled into the parking lot at Palo Alto Medical Foundation Urgent Care near our house. After a few days of struggling with a bad cold, I finally went in to get checked out. By the time I reached the front desk, I could barely breathe […]
April 16, 2017
The cost of making the wrong tech decision premium
If you’re a business leader, your job is all about making decisions. You constantly have to make choices—on people, on strategies, on priorities—let alone on what to eat for lunch. For me, remembering to even have lunch is a small victory! I remember reading that presidents and famous business leaders sometimes minimize the number of […]
December 5, 2016
[Video] Beyond Performance: How Narrative, Targeting & Sequencing affect Fundraising premium
[Original interview posted at Scale Venture Partners] Many variables go into closing a successful venture capital round. Your company’s performance on core metrics is probably the biggest one, and most of the time you should care about optimizing that first. But as Nick Mehta explains, entrepreneurs may underestimate how much impact Narrative, Targeting & Sequencing […]
October 3, 2016
Einstein and the Physics of Software TAM premium
My Strange Loops If you know me well, you know that I have an odd mind that wanders between questions like: How should large enterprises approach launching Customer Success programs? How many ridiculous touchdown / twerk dancing highlights will I see from Antonio Brown this weekend? Does time really exist? On that third point, while […]
July 27, 2016
Is Private Equity Eating the (SaaS) World? What PE Consolidation Means for SaaS CEOs premium
TCV General Partner Dave Yuan is an old friend and colleague. We actually first met in college, but over the years I’ve turned to him for insight and advice. When we reconnected last week I was particularly struck by his perspective on private equity investments and got his permission to share our conversation. Nick: How […]
Customers Can’t Always Get What They Want premium
While Mick Jagger would probably need a lot more drugs than he usually needs to get through a day working in a tech company, it turns out he had something very sagely to say about Customer Success — ” You can’t always get what you want.”  For many companies, Customer Success has evolved out of […]
October 27, 2015
Rejection and Humility premium
When you read the stories of the great entrepreneurs – Jobs, Musk, Edison, Ford and others, there is frequently a common theme.   These people got a lot of no’s.   Their hearts were broken many times before they were anointed as heroes. And while most of us may never ascend to those heights, anyone […]